Commercial Law


If you operate a business of any kind, whether you're a small home business / sole trader, a medium sized business or a large corporation, Commercial Law applies to you. It relates to the rights, relationships and conduct of any persons or businesses dealing in trade, sales, merchandise, commerce and paid services.

So if you manage your own business, enter into agreements with other businesses or clients, buy and sell goods or property for profit, or simply employ people to work for you, a commercial lawyer can help to protect you from things going wrong, or protect you in the event that they do go wrong.


  1. Franchising
  2. Partnership agreements
  3. Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
  4. Preparation of business documents
  5. Business sale and purchase agreements
  6. Employment agreements
  7. Confidentiality Agreements
  8. Independent Contractor Agreements
  9. Residential and Commercial tenancy disputes

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